Outside Catering

FatFriars Street Fodder represents the culinary journey British cuisine took from the Gardens of Baghdad, the epicentre of creative gastronomy, through North Africa and up into Europe and Britain over 1,000 years ago. Influenced by the merchants of the time, the market stall finger food they ate along the way and the spices they brought back.

FatFriars is a melting pot of full-on lewd food and serves a variety of dirty dishes which might include Pulled Pork Dribblers, BBQ’s Fish Kebab Wraps, Beefy Burgers, Veggie Shite Wraps (delicious felafels), Spiced Beans, Moorish Sausage Dogs, Sticky Toffee Pudding and other tasty scran we think of in the meantime. Every bit of each dish is hand-made from the slow-smoked pulled pork to the brioche buns (though we don’t kill our own cows, catch our own fish or grow our own lemons - yet!)

To book Fatfriars for your own food festival, party, wedding or general gathering, just email Andy at info@fatfriars.co.uk


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