Tasting Room

Our unique Tasting Room is located above the restaurant in the original Tanners Guild meeting area, featuring their original antique 19th century seating,  and caters for a range of corporate and private events including wine, beer and whisky tasting and is a unique meeting space for up to 30 people.  As well as running events which can be found on our events page, we also offer bespoke events.  Below are some ideas.
Wine, Whisky & Cheese Matching:
Wine & cheese go together like fish & chips! Add whisky to the mix and you really are in heaven! Join us for an evening of top drawer cheeses, fabulous wines & a couple of sublime whiskies all perfectly paired. £29pp including a glass of fizz on arrival, 6 wine/whisky & cheese matches. 8-30 guests welcome and can be tailored to suit all tastes. Duration 1½-2hrs Perfect for those who love wine & cheese – though liking whisky is optional!
Whey Ale Man - A tasting of local beers:
Interested in local beers and ales and not be aware of the wealth of brewing talent we have right here on our doorstep? Enjoy a tasting of some of the region's best beers and learn a few secrets of the trade. £26pp including 6 samples plus snacks, just to see how the beers behave in their natural habitat! 8-30 guests welcome & can be tailored to suit. Duration 1½-2hrs.
Come Wine with Me  – A beginner’s guide to wine tasting:
Join us for an evening of wine discovery with a selection of top-notch wine handpicked by our own Sommelier. Learn how to decipher confusing labels as well as the wine’s appearance, a few secrets of the nose (aroma) and its all-important taste. Prices start from £26pp inc a glass of fizz on arrival and 6 samples of wine. Duration 1½-2 hrs. 8-30 guests welcome and can be tailored to suit all tastes.
Exploring the Restaurant Wine List:
Do you often stick with the same old wine in a restaurant worried you many not enjoy an interesting looking yet unfamiliar wine? Join us for an evening of tutored experimentation as we visit all corners of the wine list and sample your new best discoveries along the way. Prices start from £26pp including a glass of fizz on arrival and 6 samples of wine. Duration 1½-2hrs. 8-30 guests welcome and can be tailored to suit all tastes. Join us in the restaurant afterwards too.
The Water of Life – An Introduction to Whisky:
The ‘Water of Life’ was the name given to whisky by monks in the middle ages but this introduction to Scotland’s famous export is bang up-to-date. Enjoy a selection of whiskies from both Robert the Bruce’s homeland as well as a few curveballs from far-flung distilleries around the world. Learn how to decipher a label to give you a better understanding of what’s inside the bottle, the basics of how whisky is made, Scotland’s main regions, its fascinating history and of course why your wee dram tastes the way it does! Prices start from £26pp. Duration 1½-2 hrs. 8-30 guests.
Chef & Sommelier – Food & Drink Matching:
Contrary to popular belief, food & drink matching is not the preserve of the elite, we all do it every day! Lager & curry, coffee & chocolate, tea with fish & chips, port & cheese and even milk on your cornflakes - many food & drinks combos are perfectly matched. Enjoy a masterclass on the subject and an intricate 6-course tasting menu together with sublime drinks carefully selected & presented by our own Sommelier starting with a decadent glass of Champagne. Prices start from £69pp depending on the menu and accompanying drinks.  8-12 guests welcome.

If you are interested in holding an event in the Tasting Room contact us on info@blackfriarsrestaurant.co.uk or call 0191 261 5945