Adrian's Thrify Sourdough

Tue 31st Mar

Here's a recipe from our fantastic baker, Adrian - his thrifty seeded sweet potato mash sourdough!

He calls this ‘thrifty’ as it uses a flour mix as that’s all he has…. and uses good leftover mash, potato, carrot, swede etc mash all works great also. Try mashed or grated beetroot - whatever you have during #Lockdown!

300g strong bread flour, 200g wholemeal flour (I had to use buckwheat), 50g rye flour,    200g sweet potato mash leftovers (ours included a little butter and milk plus poppy seeds), 30g poppy seeds, 20g sesame seeds. 8g salt, 200g active sourdough starter (if your starter isn’t active enough give it a little boost with 3g yeast), 300- 350g hand warm water

Make it
Mix all together, except the water which you should add a good glug at a time, as the mash and starter will have varying amounts of liquid….
When you have a good ragged dough not too sticky knead so it comes together, rest in a covered bowl for 30mins, wet hands might help,
Stretch and fold, then rest covered for 30mins…. Do this another 2 times,
Rest in your covered bowl at end of the stretch and fold cycles until it has risen – could be close to doubling, this can take a good few hours
Shape the dough and place in a proving basket (a floured tea towel in a casserole will be fine) pop in a bag and leave to rise again, around an hour and more.
I baked it in a cast-iron casserole which was heated in a hot oven at for over 30 mins at 220C
Carefully (the casserole is very hot) and gently (don’t want to deflate the dough) tip the dough into the pot, slash the top with a sharp blade, pot the lid back on and bake covered for 20 mins.

Take the lid off and bake at 180C for another 15 – 20mins until it is as coloured as you like, then cool on a wire rack as long as you can leave it before.

That's it - enjoy!

Adrian runs a bread-making class on the first Saturday or the month if you'd like to learn how to bread in person! His classes can also be brought as gift vouchers. See our events page for what we have coming up.