Christmas Dinner tips from Chris

Thu 20th Dec

Need some help with cooking the Christmas dinner?  Here are some tips from our head chef Chris Wardale:
"This is the biggest day of the year so you don’t want to spend all day cooking! The key is preparation so that the only thing you have to do on Christmas day is open a nice bottle of something and put the turkey in the oven.

"The day before you can peel the potatoes and leave them in water; half blanch the carrots/parsnips and leave them on a tray (add them to the turkey tray whilst cooking), peel and prep the sprouts (no need to cross).

"On the day, I use 2 roasting tins for cooking the turkey. Start by cooking the bird upside down and then halfway through take it out and flip it up breast side up into the other tray so the juices don’t splash. This keeps the breasts nice and moist and gives the turkey a good colour. When the turkey is cooked it needs to be rested for 1-2 hours with foil over the top. Don’t worry about it cooling down just heat the gravy up to the max and pour it on top.

"I would also suggest a simple starter that doesn’t need cooking like smoked salmon with cream cheese and lightly pickled cucumber and for dessert a sticky toffee or Christmas pudding that just needs heating up on the day. Remember to leave enough room in the fridge for wine!"

Hope you all have a great Christmas.  If all else fails, head to Blackfriars! We're closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day but back open on the 27th!