Eat Medieval: 12th Century Recipes from the land of Prince Bishops

Monday 4th - Friday 8th October

Interactive online 5-day cookery course | £125 per person

Join us on a gastronomic journey as we revisit the collection of 12th-century recipes discovered and analysed by a team based at Durham University and McGill University in Canada, in 2013. These form the earliest known culinary recipe collection from medieval Europe and pre-date the famous Forme of Cury by around 230 years! These short but intriguing recipes date to c.1170 and were from Durham Cathedral Priory in the Land of the Prince Bishops. Medieval food was one of the great cuisines of the world: sophisticated and a wonderful mixture of local ingredients and spices from the caravans and traders across the Steppes, the Indian Ocean, and the Mediterranean.

We'll move from spiced ginger sauce to herb relishes, and from pepper and garlic condiments, to accompany all manner of meat, fish and vegetables, to a wonderful medieval spiced wine. Our academic experts will take you through the history of the period and reveal just how much we can know about the past through its food.  And with the help of professional chefs, you'll get top tips on how to prepare the dishes, cooking techniques, and balancing flavours. At the end of the week we’ll give you a set of recipes for a dinner party or medieval banquet that you can cook at home. 

Eat Medieval is a partnership between Blackfriars Restaurant in Newcastle and Durham University's Institute of Medieval & Early Modern Studies (IMEMS), Northern England.  This is an online course for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own kitchen!

Before the course starts, you’ll receive a code for pages on our website. The first code will unlock your shopping list, and some substitutes for the more unusual ingredients so you can buy the necessary food you’ll be cooking at home. The second code will unlock the pre-recorded films - from chefs and scholars, as well as suggested reading and other online resources.

In terms of allocating yourself sufficient time to enjoy the course, there will be a live Zoom introduction on the first day plus regular Zoom Q&A's throughout the week to answer any questions you might have. The daily introduction and summaries, short academic films, films of the chefs cooking, recipes and other resources will be available for 4 weeks so plenty of time to get to grips with the course material.

Join the Eat Medieval Team hosted by Andy Hook and chefs from Blackfriars, and Professor Giles Gasper, Durham University, for a journey to the land of the prince bishops and a true taste of the past.

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