Monday 28th June - Friday 2nd July

Interactive online 5-day cookery course | 28 June to 2 July | £125 per person

Associated with the court of King Richard II, and surviving in a number of hand-scribed 15th century copies, the Forme of Cury is the most famous English cookbook of the Middle Ages - and we have a copy here in the North East at Durham!

Blackfriars, in collaboration with medieval experts from Durham University's Institute of Medieval & Early Modern Studies (IMEMS), is hosting a five-day online cookery course delving deep into this fascinating collection of recipes on meat, fish and game as well as vegetables, pottage, and sweet dishes. 

We’ll show you how to cook medieval pancakes, Egarduce (sweet and sour fish), Flaumpeyns (Pork Pies) and Comadore (apple turnover) as well as recipes from the Catalan Sent Sovi collection, from the same period, with Stuffed Octopus and a medieval form of Creme Catalan!

We’ll take the original recipes and present them with the help of Blackfriars chefs for the modern palate and introduce you to the historical period as well through films, podcasts explaining the period, the history, and how medieval people lived. We also have live Q&A sessions and a lively Facebook page to show-off your own creations!

Steeped in history and working with the best of modern cuisine, Blackfriars 13th century former Dominican friary is the perfect virtual venue for the course. Chefs Chris and Craig, and owner Andy Hook, join forces with Professor Giles Gasper and colleagues from Durham University and further afield, to bring you EAT MEDIEVAL: FIT FOR A KING. Come and join our growing online community of medieval food lovers. 

WHERE: This is an online course for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own kitchen!

ACCESS: Once you’ve bought your ticket we’ll email you codes to unlock your shopping list, the recipes, pre-recorded films from chefs and scholars, as well as suggested reading and other online resources which will be available throughout. 

TIMES: Although the live Q&A Zooms will be condensed into the first week, the recipes and resource material will be all be available for four weeks for you to enjoy at your leisure.

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